About CT Combat

We are a fully functional martial arts, sport specific and personal training facility. We offer the best of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai to compliment your MMA goals. We offer sport specific and non-specific strength and conditioning to meet your competitive edge or personal goals.


Whether it be weight loss, strength gain, or want a fun, exciting and vigorous workout, we are here for your needs only! We are here to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for people of all ages, genders and levels! We are all about good attitudes and determination in a user-friendly environment. Positive, creative application of what is inside all of us. Bringing out everyone’s athletic edge! All of our trainers are certified and well endowed with the education and experience needed to help you achieve your best performance and fitness goals. We will always provide a safe, courteous and controlled training environment. Don’t be shy, this stuff is for everyone! Call or come down to try a FREE WEEK of classes to see what it’s all about!