Meet the Trainers

Joe Grzegorczyk (manager) &
Joe Brewer-Grzegorczyk (owner)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Trainers

Big Joe is a BJJ Black Belt under Danilo Cherman (head of Nova Uniao USA) and a 3rd degree American Kenpo Black Belt under Richard 'Huk' Planas. He has 30+ years of martial arts experience. Started teaching Kenpo and Kali in 1994, and training BJJ in 2008.


Joe Jr. is a BJJ Black Belt under Danilo Cherman, and Brown Belt in American Kenpo. He has almost 20 years of martial arts experience. Started training in Kenpo at age 7 in 2002, and transitioned to BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing at age 13 in 2008 just before the opening of CT Combat Training Center in 2009. Joe Jr. adopted ownership of CT Combat in 2020.

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Dan Dubuque
Muay Thai / Boxing Trainer

Professional Muay Thai and MMA Fighter

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Tuffie Brown
Boxing Trainer

25+ Years Boxing Coaching Experience

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Fernando Sabenca
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Trainer

Nova Unioa Black Belt

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Joe George
Muay Thai Trainer

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Started training Muay Thai at age 13

Stacey Scapeccia
Personal Trainer

Stacey started her training in the art of Muay Thai in 1996 at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. She had extensive training abroad in Thailand and many different gyms across the continental US. Has fought throughout the East Coast & Puerto Rico in Muay Thai over a dozen times & has also ventured into the cage with MMA. She is a certified personal trainer with ISSA and continuously furthering her education in Human Performance at SCSU. Founder of CT Combat Training Center. She looks forward to working with you.

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